Phoenix state industrial park

The total area of the park is 55 hectares. The territory of the park is ready for construction of industrial facilities: the electrical substation is constructed, it is provided with gas supply, water supply and water disposal.

Rent of the land plot is free for the entire period of construction. Sites are provided for residents without tendering, and after commissioning of the facility the redemption cost of the site is equal to 25% of cadastral cost.

During the first 10 years there are no property, land and transport taxes, and income tax is only 16,5%.

How to become a resident of the park?

Growth graph of the residents


The interest to the industrial park "Phoenix" is quite large at the present time.

12 potential residents got preliminary approval for the location of sites to accommodate their production.


It has taken place the working meeting on implementation of the investment project of the first resident of the industrial Phoenix park of the Alvidprof company.


At the request of the Governor Alexey Ostrovsky the Smolensk region took part in the competitive selection on providing of subsidy from the federal budget for the building of infrastructure of industrial parks made by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. 


The Corporation of investment development of the Smolensk region has held negotiations with the management of the company Walzmatic (the Russian producer of the logistic equipment for greenhouses) in Smolensk. Following the results of the business meeting the company has expressed interest in localization of production in the territory of the region with a possibility of expansion of a model range of the production and the subsequent full transfer of production on the platform of the state industrial park Phoenix.


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