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Smolensk region is a territorial subject of the Russian Federation which is a part of Central Federal District borders on the Moscow, Kaluga, Bryansk, Pskov and Tver regions of the Russian Federation and also on the Mogilev and Vitebsk regions of Republic of Belarus. The area of the region is 49786 sq.km., the population is 975188 people (data of 2013). The regional center is the city of Smolensk, it is on the key route M1 at distance of 384 km from Moscow.

The region is the major transport and communication hub that is defined by availability of the mildest automobile and railway track from the largest megalopolis of the country to Europe. Boundary position, a close arrangement of Moscow, the developed transport and communication infrastructure give competitive advantage. The developed industry is provided with the high personnel potential, network of institutions of professional education and high power security of the region.

Manpower is supposed to be attracted both from Smolensk and Pechersk and from other settlements that are situated near the territory of the park.

The system of vocational training is developed in the region. Training of necessary personnel for the industrial park can be provided with educational institutions of Smolensk.

Smolensk region

A non-profit organization Business Support Fund of Smolensk region is created in the Smolensk region for business support and improvement of business climate.

Nowadays the Administration of the region is ready to render assistance to the industrial park Phoenix and its residents by means of financial instruments and tax benefits:

  • Public budget loan and investments
  • Subsidies on the credits, leasing payments and bonds
  • State guarantees
  • Investment tax credits

Tax conditions

  • Income tax — 16.5%
  • Property tax — 0%
  • Transport tax — 0%
  • Land tax — 0%


Financial measures of support for the residents of the industrial park:

  • Lot rent for the construction period is 0.01 rubles per 1 hectare.

Special offers:

  • bank credit products are offered to all industrial park residents (Sberbank, Vnesheconombank, SME Bank):
    • increased loan terms,
    • a lower interest rate,
    • additional favorable conditions.
  • participation in the programs offered by the Association of Russia’s Industrial Parks on search for partners and subsequent cooperation with them.
  • granting credit guarantees to all industrial park residents (Corporation of Small and Medium Enterprises, JSC).

In close proximity to the territory of the industrial park the management company plans to provide to residents of the park the land plots for low housing construction to workers of the placed productions on a preferential terms.

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