Phoenix state industrial park

The total area of the park is 82,5 hectares. The territory of the park is ready for construction of industrial facilities: the electrical substation is constructed, it is provided with gas supply, water supply and water disposal.

Rent of the land plot is free for the entire period of construction. Sites are provided for residents without tendering, and after commissioning of the facility the redemption cost of the site is equal to 25% of cadastral cost.

During the first 10 years there are no property, land and transport taxes, and income tax is only 16,5%.

How to become a resident of the park?

The interest to the industrial park "Phoenix" is quite large at the present time.

12 potential residents got preliminary approval for the location of sites to accommodate their production.

Rostelecom has installed a telecom network in order to provide the residents of the Phoenix Industrial Park in the Smolensk Region with communication services. The provider`s specialists organized broadband Internet using the GPON technology and laying almost 2 km-long fiber optic lines. The provider guarantees customers the Internet bandwidth of up to 1 Gb/s and the possibility to use several high-runner services for business purposes at once.

Within the framework of the Smolensk Regional Duma meeting, the deputies promoted a bill which establishes a right for investment tax deduction in the region when calculating income tax. The document was developed by the core-business Department upon an initiative of the Governor Alexey Ostrovsky and is aimed at decreasing investor tax burden.


Deputies of the Smolensk Regional Duma promoted the legislative initiatives of the Governor Alexey Ostrovsky to take measures aimed at minimizing the regional economy loss due to the effects of coronavirus. Amendments to the regional legislation are aimed at reducing the tax rate for entrepreneurs operating in the most affected areas under coronavirus spreading. This allows decreasing a tax burden and supporting the business under current difficult conditions.


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